FRISKY - makers of line dancing and riding boots in Australia for over 30 years

Ever since Line dancing became a popular 'sport' for both ladies and men in Australia, Frisky by Mandic Shoes was there developing quality leather boots that provided optimum comfort and flexibility so you dancers could twist and stomp though your routines.

Frisky had been producing riding boots since the 1970's and was one of the biggest pony club boots suppliers in Australia so it only seems natural that we developed a line dancing boot range that would ensure safety with ease of movement on the dance floor.

Our resin rubber soles have a smooth finish so provide just the right amount of grip and slip. Dancers can safety move and yet, still allow have the ability the move with ease.

Our best sellers are still in the range - Shoeboot 2, Tammy western boot and Texas

If you prefer leather soles we also have limited stock of the Equine and Gilmore boots by Macarthur at great prices. Be check to see if your size is still available.

 Currently all Frisky boots are ON SALE - so order today!