The benefits of using Kangaroo leather

Kangaroos are famous the world over because they are so unique. They are a true Australian icon so the thought of using kangaroo leather in footwear may seem unnatural to some but using the meat and skins of these abundant animals is really a way to appreciate them.

We have so many kangaroos in Australia that we need cull numbers to ensure the landscape and other species are not overly harmed.

Government controlled culling occurs in a humane manner.  We then use both the meat for consumption and the skins in a way that prevents waste and also to benefit from these resources.

All leather, including kangaroo leather is the most sustainable material to use in footwear manufacturing. Development of vegan type 'non leathers' use excessive amounts of energy and water to product, that it really defeats the environmental purpose of making this non leather product. They are mostly made from  PU or PVC synthetics which also use fossil fuels when being produced so not good!

Using real leather is the more sustainable material to use as these materials are durable. One of biggest environmental problems currently is waste, and we all need to be using products that are durable and do not need to be replaced as often as cheaper alternatives.

Kangaroo leather is also the strongest (per mm thickness) leather on the planet due to the strong molecular structure of the skin. The thickness is usually only 1mm, so the comfort and suppleness of the leather makes it a great material to use in boots. We have feedback for our customers stating that the Macarthur Kangaroo range is so comfortable and light to wear.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of kangaroo leather go to our page and I hope you to will soon be enjoying the comfort and strength of kangaroo leather and at the same time doing something to help the environment.