Why our Shoeboot design has been one of the most popular line dancing boots sold in Australia. Try them today

Mandic Shoes has been making line dancing boots since this fun dancing trend started becoming popular in the 1990's.

We were already well known for our Frisky riding boots and had been suppling saddleries and pony club groups throughout Australia since the 1970's

We understood the need for safe and comfortable footwear for riding many properties needed such as:

- smooth soles so that the boots would slip out of the stirrup if your were thrown.

- the heel breast was straight to ensure a solid bridge was achieved against the stirrup when riding.

-the sole materials used were a flexible resin rubber compound that allowed for a smooth finish, but still provided some grip to the stirrup. The resin /rubber was also flexible which provided good comfort and flex. 

-a 4.5mm thickness provided good durability.

The soling was tried and tested for many years so it only made sense to apply this material to  our line dancing boots.

Dancing on smooth dancefloors required a boot that had some traction (they needed to be safe) but still give limited resistance so that you dancers could twist and slide to perform your complex dance moves! The ladies love this material and its proven so in the sales results!

Shoeboot originally had a lighter PU sole unit but we found that this material, although lightweight, did not have the same durability. The new resin rubber soling used on Shoeboot 2 today is superior in quality with the added bonus of being repairable.

The fitting and leather uppers are the same, so we know they last the distance.

Give them a try if you have not yet - we are offering a special price so you can enjoy these boots today - $199.00

Don't just wear these on the dance floor - they are super stylish and would look great with jeans at any ladies luncheon!